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The simple truth is that changing your body will take time… and chances are it will be a long time.  The sooner you accept this the sooner you will become the person you want to be.  When you accept the fact that changes in your body composition occur over months as opposed to days you will be well on your way to a near effortless transformation.

See the problem with diets these days is they lead you to believe that everyday is crucial to your dieting success.  You may have seen diets that involve carb manipulation, timed eating, and other strict diet rules, like no carbohydrates after 6 pm.  These dieting rules are ultimately barriers to your success…day to day it becomes a struggle to not break a dieting rule.  You may make it a day or two, maybe even a week but chances are you will fail.  You will break one of the diet rules and then it will ultimately lead to discouragement and failure.

The truth is the one thing holding you back from your ideal body is caloric intake.  Everything else is not worth worrying about.  Out of the many diets out there the best one will be the one that you can maintain.  As long as the diet you pick emphasizes a sustainable caloric deficit, it is likely viable.