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Pknutrition Principles

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Mission statement

The underlying mission of this blog is to take a realistic approach to body composition, and nutritional needs.  All to often people undertake drastic changes to their diet in order to achieve their ideal body.  Information in this blog is meant to reveal the truth about dieting and body composition.  It is my opinion as a nutritionist that radical transformations of the body will only occur once a person accepts that changing your body composition will indeed take a long time, this is the fundamental aspect of pknutrition.  As a dieter accepts the burden of time they will slowly realize how easy eating for your goals really becomes.  Overtime you will watch your body transform effortlessly.  Regardless of if you want to lose fat, gain muscle, eat for sports performance, or general health Pknutrition aims to give the dieter valuable tools that change the way you think about dieting in order to ensure success.  Following the simple principles of Pknutrition will ultimately free you of the obsessive dieting behaviors that hold you back from the body you deserve.